Aerosol spray can automatic production line

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This line is used to produce aerosol spray can’s body,such as butane gas tin cans,insecticide spray cans etc..It has advantages of high degree of automation,stable performance and easy operation.
Production capacity: 30-60pcs/minute
Product type: aerosol spray can
Suitable can’s diameter: 52-73mm
Total power: 42kw

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Product Description

This production line is used to produce metal aerosol/spray bottle tin cans,such as butane gas tin cans,insecticide spray cans etc.
Production capacity:30-60cans/minute Product type:aerosol and spray tin cans Total power:42kw
Working procedure:
Can’s body:metal plates shearing→automatic round forming and seam welding(include outer coating and drying)→necked-in & flanging→bottom sealing→top sealing→leak testing
A spray can refers to a complete pressure packaging container consisting of a valve, a container, and contents (including products, propellants,etc.).When the valve is opened, the contents are released at a predetermined pressure and in a controlled manner.
There are 2 types:necked-in can and straight can,the height 103-304mm,the diameter:φ52,φ65,φ70 and φ80

Working process of automatic small round tin can production line
First place the slitted can body materias into the automatic feed-in resistance welder machine’s feeding table, suck by the vacuum suckers, send the tin blanks to the feeding roller one by one through the feeding roller, the single tin blank is fed to the rounding roller to conduct rounding process, then it will be fed to the rounding forming mechanism to make rounding.The body is fed into the resistance welding machine and make welding after the accurate positioing.After welding,the can body is automatically fed into the conveyor of the coating machine for outer coating. It is mainly used to prevent the side welding seam line from being exposed in air and rusting.And then the can body is automatically fed into the flanging(or necked-in and flanging)machine.The flanging(or necked-in and flanging) task is finished by bumping of left and right mold. After that, the flanged can body is sent to automatic bottom lid feeder, through the detecting sensor detecting the coming can body,the lid feeder will automatic feed the bottom lid to the top of can body and both of them are sent to the position under the seaming chuck, the lifting tray sends the can body and bottom to the seaming machine head to seal. Then conduct again the automatic top lid detecting and seaming.Lastly,it is fed to automatic leak testing machine.
The tinplate can usage:for car care series(spray paint,mould release agent,tyre wax,lubricant and so on ), for household products can (air freshener, perfume,shaving foam and so on ), for Holiday products packing can (such like snow string spray ) , for construction products packing can (such like cleaning agent, anti-rust agent ) , for Industrial products packing can (such like fire extinguisher,Gas lighter and mould release agent and so on.)
Advantages:automatic aerosol spray tin can production line has advantages of high degree of automation,stable performance and easy operation. Only 2-3workers are needed to complete the operation of the entire production line.The whole production line has fast production speed,high production efficiency,automatic fault detection system and low rejection rate.

GT1B5Z Automatic shearing machine

1 GT1B5Z Automatic shearing machine

General situation: this unit is used for batch cutting tinplate or other metal sheet for next working procedure.

QZD50 Automatic seam welding machine (including coating and drying)

General situation:the production line is used for forming, seam welding, coating and drying of can’s body which is the perfect production facility in the industries of food can, beverage can and aerosol can.

2 QZD50 Automatic seam welding machine (including coating and drying)

GT3B12 Automatic necked-in &flanging machine

4 GT3B12 Automatic necked-in & flanging machine

General situation:this machine is mainly used for automatic necked-in and flanging of beverages,food and aerosol spray can.

9D65 Hoister

General situation:this unit is used to lift the aerosol can to certain altitude on the automatic can-making line to transfer to next working procedure.

4 9D65 Hoister

GT4B2B Automatic sealing machine

5 GT4B2B Automatic sealing machine

General situation: this machine is used for aerosol spray cans’ automatic sealing

GX-8 Leak hunting machine for aerosol spray can

General situation: this machine is mainly used for testing for aerosol spray can.

6 GX-8 Leak hunting machine for aerosol can

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