Aluminum screw can/cap manual operation line(20-50pcs/min)

Short Description:

The production line is used to produce aluminum screw cans with the characters of simple structure and manual operation.It is suitable for multi-varieties and small-batch production of aluminum caps. :
Product type : aluminum screw can/cap
Production capacity: 20-50pcs/min
Total power: 3.5kw
Total weight: 3000kg

Product Detail

Product Tags

Plate cutting machine

1 Plate cutting machine

General situation:this machine is used for batch cutting tinplate or other metal sheet.

Semi- automatic NC punch(25T)

General situation:this machine is used to punch the basic aluminum can into shape.

2 Semi- automatic punch(25T)

Manual curling machine

3 Manul curling machine

General situation:this machine is mainly used for unfolding aluminum coil.

Manual knurling machine

General situation:the machine is used for manual knurling and thread rolling of aluminum cans/caps.

4 Manual knurling machine

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