Capacitor shell semi-automatic production line

Short Description:

The production line is used to produce capacitor shell with stable performance and easy operation. Production process (can body): plate cutting – rounding – seam welding – squaring - flanging-bottom sealing-top sealing.

Product Detail

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GT1B5 Disc plate cutting machine

1 GT1B5 Round disc plate cutting machine

This machine is used for batch cutting tinplate or other matal sheet for the following working procedure(such as lid-making or can-manufacturing).

GT3A3 Rounding machine

This machine is used for rouding can’s shell.

2 GT3A3 rounding machine

3.FBW-10A Rear feed welding machine

3 FBW-10R Rear feed welding machine

The machine is used for welding of circular metal sheet,such as industrial,food,aerosol spray cans etc.

3F4Y Hydraulic square forming machine

This machine is mainly used for hydraulic form the round tank or can into square,ractangular or other differnet shapes.It can be used for different shapes of tank forming by changing different molds.

4 3F4Y Hydraulic square forming machine

3FB3J Flanging machine

5 3FB3J Flanging machine

This machine is used for can’s shell flanging after forming cans’ body.Different molds can be applied to different can-shaped flanging.

4A19 Four roller sealing machine

This equipment is mainly used for sealing round,square and special-shaped cans in the can making industry and capacitor industry.

6 4A19 Four roller seaming machine

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