Easy Open Cap ( EOE ) Line (90-120pcs/min)

Short Description:

This production line which consists of NC punch, circling machine, injecting & drying machine,pull tap machine and easy open cap combining machine is used to produce round, square, oval-shaped etc.
Product type: round, ladder type, oval etc shaped easy open caps
Production capacity: 90-120pcs/min
Total power: 35KW
Total weight: 17500kgs

Product Detail

Product Tags

NCP-008A full automatic NC feeding punch


Technical Parameter
Production capacity: 100-130/minute
Suitable scope: sheet specification less 1*1 meter
Motor power: 8 kilowatt (equipped with 35T punch)
Overall dimension: 3800*2500*2200mm (equipped with 35T punch, 1*1 meter feeding cradle)
Weight: 6500kg(equipped with 35T punch)
Full automatic NC punch is made by automatic feeding, NC feeding, punch controlled by PLC, full automatic.

GT2B3A Edge circling machine

Technical Parameter
Applied can’s drive: diameter 50~108mm
Motor power: 0.37kw
Size: 740×1000×590mm
Weight: 150kg
This machine matching with automatic or semi-automatic punch can circle edges of round lids which have been shaped. Adjusting corresponding internal model can adapt to circle edges of different diameter lids.

2 GT2B3A Edge circling machine

GT2C10A vertical injecting & drying machine

3 GT2C10A vertical injecting & drying machine

Technical Parameter:
Production capacity: 80-110/minute
Applied lid/cover diameter: 52-153mm
Motor power: 1.1KW,380V,50HZ
Drying power: 16.5 KW
Dryer temperature: normal 250℃,coordinate in it.
Overall dimension: 1800*980*1980mm
Weight: 2000kg
The machine applies to inject and dry for coating spray on the tin cap ruling portions for rust proof.

Stretcher (function: sheet stretching)

Technical Parameter
It is used to stretch the sheet for the next working procedure of making ring pull.

4 Stretcher (function sheet stretching)

25T open punch + progressive die 

5. 25T open punch + progressive die

Technical Parameter:
Production capacity: 80-120/minute
Nominal pressure: 25T
Motor power: 3 kw
Overall dimension: 1200*1000*1800mm
Weight: 2600kg
25T punch equipped with progressive die is used to punch into shape of ring pull.

GT2A8 multi-position punch

Technical Parameter:
Slide stroke: 11.5-110mm(12.5—120mm)
Times of slide stroke: 90-110/minute
Weight: 8000Kg
Worktable: 850*500mm
The machine is general purpose closed multi-position press machine which can complete the working procedures of blistering, embossing, ruling and riveting in a stroke for the forming of easy open lid/cover.  

6  GT2A8 multi-position punch

Cap collection, counting and packing unit


This machine is applied for collecting the finished EOE ends,counting and packing.

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