Twist off lids tinplate metal lug cap making machine

Twist off caps are metal caps that provide hermetic sealing under vacuum of the glass containers. They are used in preservation of foods (fruits, vegetables and meat) in the food industry and home made preservation. The caps dimension is from Ø 38 mm to Ø 100mm and they are appropriate for pasteurization and sterilization. Features:
This twist metal lug cap that comes with a acid-resistant plastisol liner. This twist metal lug cap is compatible with a large variety of vacuum and non-vacuum packed glass packages. It is compatible with applications requiring pasteurization and sterilization. It is also suitable for hot and cold filling of various food and beverage packaging applications. Use it as part of the packaging of your tomato sauces, fruit jams, and juices!
Special lug threading system - Partial turn makes it easy and efficient to open and reseal
Safety button indicates product freshness
Oxygen barrier extends product performance and shelf life
Prevents odors from intruding or escaping
Compatible with hot and cold fillings

The twist off lug cap making machine developed by our company was rated as a utility model patent in 2013, which specifically relates to the improved technology of the hydraulic working head of the twist off lug cap making machine. The utility model solves the problem that the head of the existing hydraulic twist off cap machine is driven by a hydraulic device, the pressure is too large and cannot be controlled, resulting in a high rejection rate.
Our cap making machine is welcomed by many customers at home and abroad. We have exported this twist off lug cap production line to Ukraine, France, the Philippines, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Moldova and other countries, and received unanimous feedback.
We will also provide a series of after-sales services, inlcuding online and offline. When the machine arrives at the buyer's factory and is in place, and the electricity and air are in place at the same time, the seller will send technicians to the buyer's factory to debug the production line, and teach the buyer's staff how to operate the machine and replace the mold,etc.

Post time: Jul-19-2022