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Necked-in & flanging machine for aluminum cans


Technical parameter
Production capacity: 30-40pcs/m
Suitable dia.: 40-180mm
Suitable can's height:≤350mm
Power: 1.5kw
Size: 800*500*1650mm
Weight: 500kg
General situation: this machine is mainly used for necked-in & flanging machine for aluminum cans.

Clamping&curling machine for wiring terminal of capacitors

Technical parameter:
Production capacity: 12 pcs / min
Suitable for diameter: ≤ 330 mm
Application:≤ 480 mm
Tin thickness:≤ 1.8 mm
Motor power: 4 kW
Size: 940*640*2150 mm
Equipment weight: 900 kg


General situation: This machine is used for high voltage capacitor insulator terminal clamping & flanging, overcomes the technology of leak, the appearance of rough, to drop - welding defects. The utility model has the advantages of good sealing property, high efficiency, beautiful appearance, no welding, and cost saving. The utility model can also be used for sealing thicker plates or larger diameter capacitors, and pneumatic control is adopted.

Explosion proof slot rolling machine


General situation: the machine is professional equipment for capacitor.It can make rolling, explosion proof slot rolling and inner curling & sealing etc by replacing the moulds. The production capacity is mainly decided by the operator’s proficiency.

Explosion proof roll groove inner roll sealing equipment for capacitor
The machine is professional equipment for capacitor rolling which can make rolling,explosion proof slot rolling and inner curling & sealing etc.
Suitable scope: can’s inner dia. 60-136mm; can’s max height 300mm.
Production capacity: 15-25 cans/minute
Engine: Y90S-6-B5、750W、960 revolution/minute
Air pressure: 0.4–0.6 MPa

Flatting machine

General situation: this machine is a professional equipment for explosion-proof capacitor.It is used for flatting for the capacitor which have explosion proof slot rolling.


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