Other metal cap production line

Short Description:

This production line can be used to produce all kinds of metal caps by replacing the molds.
Product type: metal caps
Production capacity: 50-250pcs/min

Product Detail

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NCP-008A Full automatic NC punch(35T)

(1)NC working table
Max. speed of arm and clamp: 36m/min
Feed precision: ±0.1mm
Working voltage: 380V    50HZ
Rated power: 2KW
Outline size (L×W×H)(NC unit): 1740×2340×1045mm
Weight (NC unit): 1200kg
(2)Plate feeding table
Material Size: Width <950mm; Length <950mm
Max. weight of material: 3000kg
Max. height of material: 500mm
Lifting speed: 1.35m/min
Feeding speed: 12m/min
Power of complete set: 0.85KW
Outline size (L×W×H): 2900×2000×1650mm
Weight of complete set: 600kg
(3)35T press
Nominal pressure: 350KN
Slide block travel distance: 70mm
Number of times of travel: 120-140Times/minute
Power: 4KW
Outline size (L×W×H): 1660*1340*2360mm
Weight: 5000Kg
General situation:the full automatic NC punch is particularly designed to produce can covers and stretch can’s bodies which consists of the units of NC table, automatic punch, automatic supplier. All working procedures are controlled by PLC.

SKO bottle cap curling machine

Production capacity: 50-300caps/min
Power: 1.5KW
Weight: 260kg
Size: 1250*500*1050mm
General situation: this machine is used for curling the punched SKO bottle caps.

Rubber ring assembling machine for SKO bottle cap

Production capacity: 50-150caps/min
Power: 1.5KW
Weight: 400kg
Size: 1000*500*2000mm
General situation:this machine is used for automatically add the rubber sealing ring to the curled SKO bottle caps which can be full automatic production line combined with NC punching machine and curling machine.

NCP-008B Full automatic NC punch (60T with double-end dies)

1 NCP-008B Full automatic NC punch(60T with double-end dies)

(1) Automatic feeder
(2) NC conveying table
(3) 60T punch
General situation:this unit equipped with 60t punch and double-ends is used to punch the screw cap into shape which consists of automatic feeder, NC conveying table, NC punch, automatic waste discharger, controlled by PLC.

GX-30GLX Curling and knurling machine

General situation: this machine is used for curlng, knurling, screw-rolling of screw cap.

2 GX-30GLX Curling and knurling machine

Glue-injection and drying line

3  Glue-injection and drying line

General situation: this line is used for glue injection and drying for metal caps.

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