Square can (1-5L) automatic production line

Short Description:

This automatic production line is used for producing(1-5L) chemical square cans.It is compact structure,high degree of automation and reliability to meet the needs of production.
Product type: Chemical square can
Specification: 1-5L
Production capacity: 15–20pcs/min
Total power: 42kw

Product Detail

Product Tags

GT1B5Z Automatic cutting/shearing machine

1 GT1B5Z Automatic cutting shearing machine

General situation: this machine is used for batch cutting tinplate or other metal sheet for next working procedure.

Automatic welding machine(with round forming)

General situation:this machine is used for automatic round forming and welding for can body,it is the ideal equipment in chemical can industry.

2 Automatic welding machine(with round forming)

Automatic square forming & flanging machine

3 Automatic square forming & flanging machine

General situation:this machine is mainly applied for square forming&flanging the square and other shaped cans.

4A28Z Automatic sealing machine

General situation: the machine can be used for automatic sealing of round and special-shaped cans of can-manufacturing and capacitor industry or other industries.

4 4A28Z Autoamatic sealing machine

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