• Small square/rectangular tin can automatic production line

    Small square/rectangular tin can automatic production line

    This production line is mainly composed of automatic cutting machine, automatic welding machine (including external coating), automatic forming and flanging integrated machine, and automatic sealing machine, with stable performance.   1.Automatic cutting machine Purpose: Cut large tin sheet...
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  • How to get latest news about can making machine

    How to get latest news about can making machine,we can suggest a few ways to stay up-to-date on the latest news about can making machines: 1.Check industry news websites: There are several industry-specific websites that cover news and developments in the can making industry. Some popular example...
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  • Twist off lids tinplate metal lug cap making machine

    Twist off caps are metal caps that provide hermetic sealing under vacuum of the glass containers. They are used in preservation of foods (fruits, vegetables and meat) in the food industry and home made preservation. The caps dimension is from Ø 38 mm to Ø 100mm and they ...
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  • Metal packaging container

    Metal packaging containers refer to thin-walled packaging containers made of metal sheets. It is widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, daily necessities packaging, instrumentation packaging, industrial product packaging, arms packaging and so on. Among...
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  • Introduction to tinplate

    Tinplate, also known as tin-plated iron, is a common name for electroplated tin sheet,abbreviated as SPTE, which refers to cold-rolled low-carbon sheet or strip coated with commercial pure tin on both sides.Tin is mainly used to prevent corrosion and rust. It combines t...
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